New Promos

May 24

We have some new promos for the show, and I think they’re kind of fun (though I’m not sure about the voiceover at the end).  Check ’em out:



  1. They sound great, Bill. I love the content of the messages and I really like the “Mahna Mahna” lick at the end of the first one! I like the the voiceover at the end, but it might be fun to have Ella say it!

  2. Hey Bill! They sound good- you guys do it a bit differently than we do. Ours are LONG in comparison (60 seconds). When I get mine redone, I’ll forward it on so you can hear.

  3. admin /

    We’re commercial, so time is of the essence, I guess. This is sort of the new sound of our specialty show promos — excerpts from interviews that our PD did with each of us.

  4. debinsf /

    As just a plain ol’ fan, I think they sound great.

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