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“Breathtaking…vibrant, diverse, and fun.”  –Ken Maiuri, Daily Hampshire Gazette

Update: as of 2016, Science Fair has generated over $20,000 in donations to Girls Inc.!

On July 3, 2012, Spare the Rock Records released Science Fair, eighteen exclusive tracks — all sung by women and girls — themed around and benefiting science and engineering education for girls. The album features new music from artists including Mates of State, Laura Veirs, Moona Luna (Pistolera‘s kids’ music incarnation), Elizabeth Mitchell, Frances England, Wunmi, Babe the Blue Ox, and many more.

Extensive research shows that girls, from rural areas to the suburbs to the inner cities, aren’t getting the foundational education they need to get into science fields when they grow up. The same research shows that girls — especially girls of color — are persistently given the message — explicitly or implicitly — that they can’t do science. As women are significantly underrepresented in science-related fields, Science Fair will be part of changing that, both through the message of the record itself (featuring all songs sung by women) and through the financial contributions it will generate, supporting programs that improve girls’ science education.

Science Fair is the second release from Spare the Rock Records. In 2010, in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the label released Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti, a benefit for the Haitian People’s Support Project. Many Hands brought together nearly two dozen artists, including Dan Zanes, Pete Seeger, They Might Be Giants, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jonathan Coulton, Lunch Money, and many more. Many Hands was named the best family music release of 2010 by Amazon and other sources, and has raised nearly $100,000 for Haitian relief.

Science Fair is co-produced by Elizabeth Mitchell, Molly Ledford (Lunch Money), Dean Jones (Dog on Fleas), and Bill Childs (owner of Spare the Rock Records). Cover art was donated by El Lohse ( Songs cover myriad subjects, from Marie Curie to butterflies to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. As with Many Hands, net proceeds will be donated, with Girls Inc.’s science education program the beneficiary.

The release is available in physical form (distributed by E1) and digitally (at all the usual places).

The record’s concept was inspired by the lives of Ves and Holly Childs, Bill’s parents.  Read more about the history of the release here.

The first video from the album, for Mates of States’s cover of the Guided By Voices song “I Am a Scientist,” premiered on Paste Magazine and has rapidly spread; watch it here:


  1. Babe the Blue Ox – Surfin’ Minnesota
  2. Moona Luna – H2O
  3. The Deedle Deedle Dees and IMPACT Repertory Theatre – Time Machine
  4. Frances England – Goldilocks Zone
  5. The Nields – Butterfly
  6. Laura Veirs – Little Black Rock
  7. Elizabeth Mitchell – Phytoplankton
  8. Mates of State – I Am a Scientist
  9. Wunmi – Rainbow
  10. Cat & a Bird – Constellation Bound
  11. Lunch Money – To Be a Fossil
  12. MC Fireworks (with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo) – Rocket Science
  13. Renee & Jeremy – (I Wanna Be Like) Madame Curie
  14. Rachel Loshak – Oh Girl (with John Munson)
  15. Alison Faith Levy & Rudy Trubitt – Deja Vu
  16. Lori Henriques – Heisenberg’s Aha!
  17. Barbara Brousal – I Wonder
  18. Ashley Albert – The Science Fair.
Lyrics for many of the songs are available here.

PR Contact: Stephanie Mayers,, 347-735-0736.



Babe the Blue Ox – Surfin’ Minnesota

Timothy J. Thomas (BMI), Rosalee J. Thomson (BMI), Hanna M. Fox (BMI), Edward J. Gormley (BMI)
Hanna Fox, drums, singing
Eddie Gormley, cocktail drums, singing
Tim Thomas, guitar, piano, singing
Rose Thomson, bass, singing

Moona Luna – H2O

Written by Sandra Velasquez.
Get To The Point Music (ASCAP)
Produced by Mark Tewarson.

The Deedle Deedle Dees and IMPACT Repertory Theatre – Time Machine

Music by Lloyd Miller
Words by Fahari Academy (Brooklyn NY) 7th graders, IMPACT Repertory Theatre, and Lloyd Miller
Arrangement by Chris Johnson, Ely Levin, and Lloyd Miller
Recorded and engineered by Dean Jones
Additional recording by Chris Cortier

Chris Johnson – Piano, toy piano, synth
Ely Levin – drums, percussion
Dean Jones – synth bass, additional synth, electric guitar, sound effects

Frances England – Goldilocks Zone

Written by Frances England (BMI)
Frances England – vocals, guitar
Andrew Higgins – bass, drum, synth

The Nields – Butterfly

Peter Quince Publishing 

Laura Veirs – Little Black Rock

Written by Laura Veirs (BMI)

Elizabeth Mitchell – Phytoplankton

Composed by Molly Kathleen Ledford/Squirrel Mechanic Music (BMI)

Mates of State – I Am a Scientist

Written by Robert Pollard, Needmore Music (BMI)

Wunmi – Rainbow

Jeremy Mage BMI & Omotayo Ibiwunmi Olaiya ASCAP

Cat & a Bird – Constellation Bound

Written by Emily Chimiak

Thanks to all of the new inspiration from Dog on Fleas, Lori Henriques, Gustaver Yellowgold, Laurie Berkner, The Pop Ups, Under the Tree Music, the artists at Kindiefest, Spare the Rock Spoil the Child, Out With the Kids, Zooglobble, Ages 3 and Up and WXPN Kids Corner. I’m excited to see how everyone’s programs and projects evolve. And thanks to the Chesapeake Children’s Museum for the tireless energy to give a genuine positive attitude the all of the community.

Lunch Money – To Be a Fossil

Composed by Molly Kathleen Ledford/Squirrel Mechanic Music (BMI)
vocals, acoustic guitar – Molly Ledford
Rhythm Master, Moog, Rhodes, bass, electric guitar, drums – Jay Barry
engineered and mixed by Jay Barry at Petridisc

MC Fireworks (with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo) – Rocket Science

By MC Fireworks.

Featuring Bootysattva, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and Mary Frances and Lee Allen of Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band
(P) Blue Grasshopper Publishing ASCAP

This is Saki aka MC Fireworks’ first solo track! What a banger! Papa is proud.

Renee & Jeremy – (I Wanna Be Like) Madam Curie

By Renee Stahl, Jeremy Toback and Tor Hyams
Renee Stahl, Jeremy Toback & Tor Hyams, Woem Music (ASCAP) & Swivel Dirge (ASCAP) & Hyams Music ASCAP
Performed by Renee & Jeremy and Tor
Ukelele by Rich Jaques
Mixed by Brian Yaskulka
Produced by Tor Hyams

Rachel Loshak – Oh Girl (with John Munson)

Written and performed by Rachel Loshak (BMI)
Recorded by Morgan Taylor
Bass and percussion by Morgan Taylor
Background vocals by John Munson and Dean Jones
Bass harmonica and bass drum by Dean Jones

Thank you to all the above for being a part of my music and supporting me to get a song from my heart out into the world.

Alison Faith Levy & Rudy Trubitt – Deja Vu

Produced and recorded December 16, 2011 by Allen Clapp at Mystery Lawn Studio, Sunnyvale, CA
Published by Strange Little Girl Music (ASCAP) and Big Skippy Music (ASCAP)

Rudy: vocals, guitar, bass
Alison: vocals, piano
Allen Clapp: drums, backing vocal

Lori Henriques – Heisenberg’s Aha!

Written by Lori Henriques (BMI)

Barbara Brousal – I Wonder

Written by Barbara Brousal, Babykate Music BMI
Recorded by Dean Jones at No Parking Studios

Barbara Brousal — vocals and acoustic guitar
Tiger Lorenz Glaser – drums and triangle
Fooch Fischetti – pedal steel guitar
Jason Sarrubi – upright bass
Elizabeth Mitchell – harmony vocals and child wrangling

Ashley Albert – The Science Fair.

Written by Ashley Albert, Pluckypea Publishing (BMI)