Exclusive: New Gustafer Yellowgold Video!

Feb 05

We’re taking part in the weeklong celebration of All Things Gustafer Yellowgold (at least All Things Gustafer Yellowgold’s Infinity Sock), which means today — and today only — you get to see a preview of the video for the song “Cheddar” (also played on today’s show).  Check it out:

(Note that use of the song does not imply any endorsement of the Green Bay Packers, although I am, kinda, rooting for them tomorrow.)

Pre-order the CD/DVD set either through their online store or through a little outfit called Amazon.


  1. jennifer holle /

    oh, cheddar!

  2. Nothing better than Cheddar…… LOVE it, Gus!

  3. Is there anythiing better than Cheddar? LOVE it, Gus!

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