Many Hands is Out!

Aug 11

Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti was officially nationally released yesterday!  You can get it at fine record stores, Amazon, or iTunes.  If your local store doesn’t carry it, tell them they can get it from E1 or any one-stop.  And in September, it’ll be in every Whole Foods Market.

I’m not going to try to link to all of the press it’s been getting (if you like us on Facebook, you’ll see links there), but how about a little sampler:

“Simply put, Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti is the year’s best family music compilation and one of the year’s best kids music CDs, period. Buy two: one for your friend and one for your own family. Many families will thank you. Definitely recommended.” – Stefan Shepherd,

“Artfully assembled and brimming with joy, Many Hands lives up to its title with noteworthy performances from many of the finest names in family music. Great music, worthy cause — what more could you ask for?” – Jeff Giles,

“Many Hands: Family Music from Haiti is, for many reasons, the most intriguing and audacious release in the family music world this year, bar none.” –

“A We are the World for the sandbox set. ” –

“Many Hands is an instant family heirloom of a CD, worthy of being passed on to future generations. It’s also a lovely slice of the children’s music world in 2010, comprehensive in it’s scope yet tight-knit at the same time – heck, that sounds like the kindie scene itself! Consider purchasing Many Hands when it comes out this August. I’m pretty certain that many, if not all, of the songs will delight you and your kiddos.” –

“Plenty of homerun tunes.”   James Heflin, Valley Advocate

If you’ve got satellite radio (psst: terrestrial radio is still pretty great), you can hear what I think will be a pretty amazing in-studio from Dog on Fleas, Uncle Rock, Grenadilla, and Recess Monkey this weekend.

If I may be so bold to suggest it, this CD would be a great Christmas or other holiday gift for, well, everyone you know.  Why not get all your gifts taken care of right now?

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