One More Quick Review

May 05

(Man, I’ve been listening to a lot!)

Mister GBugs.  (In the interest of full disclosure, Ben’s a friend and I’ve helped him out scheduling shows, etc.  But I don’t have any financial interest in it.)  Most of the time, I shy away from artists who do much genre-hopping — jack of all trades, master of none and all that.  But Bugs goes all over the place — ska, bossa nova, rock, etc. — without feeling like it’s lurching randomly.  That’s largely because all of the songs have the steady presence of a skilled songwriter and the foundation of great performances (including Rani Arbo and others).  With this record, Mister G has managed to capture on CD the energy and engagement he has in his wildly popular live shows.  Circled tracks: “Bugs,” “Grilled Cheese,” “Snow Day,” “Shark in My Bathtub,” and “Pam the Pug.”  We’ll premiere “Bugs” on the show this Saturday.

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