A few more (really really brief) reviews

May 05

Same deal as before — my very short thoughts on a few new things that have come in the mail, with notations of what track numbers got written down and circled, which is how I note which songs I’m most excited to hear on the radio machine.

ScribbleMonster & His PalsLook Both Ways.  ScribbleJim’s obsession with Sesame Street is well-known — a huge part of the guest DJ sets he’s done for us have always been obscure songs from the show, which means he’s a very specific and hilarious type of hipster — so this is, as I thought someone said (but I can’t find now), the record ScribbleMonster was born (spawned? created by a mad scientist?) to record. And it is exactly the right kind of insane genius.  The arrangements are terrific and the song selections excellent.  Circled songs: “Sesame Street Theme,” “Five People In My Family,” “Good Morning, Mister Sun,” “Clink, Clank,” “Stop!,” “I Want To Hold Your Ear,” “Just Happy To Be Me,” “Loud And Soft,” and “Thirty-Two Cracks In The Sidewalk.”  And the last three got arrows, too.  (And I wrote down every single track for getting airplay eventually.)  Love this record.

Rudy Trubitt, Wear My Pajamas to School.  Rudy of the on-hiatus Sippy Cups wrote virtually all of my favorite songs from that band, and this advance single is another in the line of super catchy guitar pop songs.  We’ll play it on the show this Saturday (dare I call it a world premiere?) and I can’t wait for more.

Cat and a Bird, Cat and a Bird.  Intricately layered jazzy stuff featuring violin, upright bass, and a bunch of other sorta random sounds (and the lovely voice of Emily Chimiak), this CD has gotten a lot of attention.  Live at KindieFest, they took a different tack, with two violins and a 12-string guitar, and it worked in a totally different (but still good) way, with much of that being based on the strength of the songs.  They’ll be at the Green River Festival this summer.  Circled tracks: “Bee Jive,” “Cat and a Bird,” “Lion and the Challengers,” “Night Owl,” and “I Wanna Be Like You.”

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