You could buy our house.

Apr 11

As I announced a while ago, we’re moving to Austin this summer.  Our house, in the center of Florence, is now on the market and I think it’s just lovely.  So maybe you should buy it?  I think yes.

You can see a description and a bunch of pictures of it here, and there will be an open house this Sunday (April 15) from 1 to 3.  We’re represented by Natasha Yakovlev of The Murphy’s Realtors; e-mail her for  additional information or call 413-320-9864.

Seriously, we adore the house and the neighborhood.  We wish we could move both to Texas.  If you’re potentially in the market for a house in the Pioneer Valley, it might work for you.

In  more show-related news, I hope to have more specifics about how the show will continue after the move.  Soon.

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