We’re living on the air in Cincinnati (and northern Kentucky)

Mar 23

We had a great couple of shows during SXSW (check out our Facebook page for photos and more), with at least 2,000 coming out on Wednesday and more than that on Sunday.  Thanks to all of our sponsors and everyone who came out!

And we’re still totally amazingly excited about launching on KUTX starting May 10—and now we’ve got another station launch to announce!  Starting this week, we’ll be heard on WNKU in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky, every Sunday morning at 8:00.  And that actually means we’re on four different stations in the Cincinnati region, including a 100,000 watt station!  Check out where we’ll be hearable on the little maps below, or click here to see a PDF of them all combined.


That is a massive set of signals, blanketing the entire Cincinnati metro area, with WNKE reaching all the way over to West Virginia (even covering a little of Charleston!). Looking over a map, it looks to me like it easily covers all of the Cincinnati metro area…that’s a total population of over 2 million people.  Whoa!

WNKU is, like KUTX, an eclectic listener supported station.  Glancing at the playlist right now, I see Chris Smither, The Decemberists, Old 97’s, War on Drugs…tons of stuff we love.  It’s going to be a great fit, and we’re just totally thrilled to be joining them!

There’s something a little extra special for me.  I’ve never lived in Ohio, and have only visited Cincinnati a few times (I coached a moot court team whose competition was there every year), but WOXY, a station broadcasting from Oxford, Ohio, was a huge part of developing my love for radio.  WOXY was a terrific commercial alternative station that I turned to after the demise of my beloved Rev-105, and for years, WOXY was the little station that could, moving from terrestrial radio to internet radio, being revived like a horror movie villain multiple times, until it finally died its final death after a move here in Austin, Texas.  Its signal was pretty weak and its budget low, but they continued to make great radio for years, and I’m thrilled to be on in the same market they were.

And that’s not even mentioning WKRP, the fictional radio station that was central to a ridiculous number of radio people’s love for the medium.  Did I buy the full DVD set recently?  Of course I did.

It is no coincidence that we have imaging for our show that incorporates audio from both WKRP and WOXY.

So: Hi, Cincinnati and northern Kentucky!  We are super excited to meet you.



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