Hi there, NYT readers.

Apr 28

Yup, I got quoted in the New York Times.  (In case you’re curious, this is the third time; both other times have been in my capacity as a law professor.)

First, if you’re looking for information about KindieFest, head here now (click on “Festival” up top to find out about the public Sunday event).

If you are here for the first time, a little tour for you.  If you visit our page at WRSI.com, you can listen to recent shows on demand.  You can also listen live online via WRSI.com.  Up across the top there, you can read a little more about us, see old playlists, listen to some in-studio performances, watch in-studios and other live music, see some of my picks for the best family music of the last few years, see what books Ella has talked about, or learn more about our forthcoming CD to benefit Haiti relief, featuring new music from an amazing lineup, including They Might Be Giants, Pete Seeger, Elizabeth Mitchell, and many more.

And then along the right-hand column, we’ve got lots more, including upcoming events in the Pioneer Valley, links to a bunch of other family music sites like ZooglobbleOut with the Kids, and Gooney Bird Kids.

So: take a look around, listen to the show, and enjoy!

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