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Jul 12

Listener Susan Gehr is working on making a playlist for her and her five-year-old Logan based on this cool-looking book, The ABCs of Rock.  (Each letter has a rock artist.  Jeff Bogle gave it some love here.)  But she’s stuck on a few artists:

  • AC/DC
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Sonic Youth
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Velvet Underground
  • X

I had some ideas for Zeppelin and Velvet Underground.  Suggestions for the rest?


  1. Wow, this is like opening a time capsule.

    I used to borrow X cassettes from my older brother:
    The Hungry Wolf
    My Goodness “My goodness always stops when the trouble starts.” (How true for toddlers)
    Love Shack (read lyrics, mild profanity)

    I would love to see her final playlist.

  2. Susan /

    I will post the playlist when it’s done, or when I hit a wall with the few last stragglers.

    As someone told me, “Ozzy is a regular Raffi, no?” That image gave a good laught!

    I typed out my list and realized I don’t have ideas for Nirvana or ZZ Top.

    Thanks for all the suggestions Bill and adrienne.


  3. M_Smucker /

    For Sonic Youth I’d try “Kool Thing”, “Little Trouble Girl” or their cover of the carpenter’s “superstar”. Velvet underground suggestions above are great, and I would add “who loves the sun” to that list. Nirvana is a no brainer: “sliver”. (Caspar babypants even does a cover.)

  4. I’ve put up a note on Facebook with my draft list. I made the note public, so hopefully anyone who has been following this project can access it.

    I just saw M_Smucker’s suggestions, thank you so much! Logan and I will check them out soon and add to our list.

    I was very happy to have found a ZZ Top song – TV Dinners.

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