Playlist for 2012-10-27

Oct 27

Listen at your leisure at!

Segment 1
TMBG – It’s Spare the Rock
Ella ID
TMBG – Triops Has Three Eyes
Wee Hairy Beasties – Pumpkinhead
Papa Crow – The Sun is Yellow
Mo Phillips – Monster Suit
Boxtop Jenkins (w/ Shawn Mullins) – Rattlin’ Rattlin’ Bones
Mister G – Waiting for the Ball (Academy of Music this Sunday)

Segment 2
Tom Waits – Midnight Lullabye
ID/prep to Rock
TMBG – Don’t Spare the Rock
Suburbs – Rattle My Bones
Mighty Weaklings – Monster Under My Bed
Todd McHatton -Ooh Shiny
Nields – Who Are You Not to Shine?

Segment 3
Jad Fair In-Studio
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Little Demon
TMBG – Spider
TMBG – Spare the Rock

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