2023-12-10 playlist & stream

Dec 10

1st set

They Might Be Giants – It’s Spare the Rock


They Might Be Giants – And Mom And Kid

Cake – Mahna Mahna


Little Lips – Other (new)

fIREHOSE – Walking the Cow


Mega Ran – Good Day (feat. G Love) (new)

Booger Bubble – Electric Elves

Ants Ants Ants & Red Yarn – Christmas Pie (new)


Too Many Zooz – Car Alarm

[WJFF – Milkshake – Parade

[KUTX – Jackson Five – Rockin’ Robin

[WFNU – Mike Park – Turn Off The Lights

2nd set

Justin Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players – Kooks

ID/prep to rock

Todd ’n’ Tina – Revenge of the 5th (new)

The Board of Education – Why is Dad so Mad?

Rev-105 liner

Gentle Hen – The Whole Point of the Trip (new)

Alkaline Trio – Movin’ Right Along


3rd set

Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up (vinyl)

Laura Doherty & Reggie “The Hoofer” – So Glad You’re My Friend (new)


Recess Monkey – Car Wash

Rose Royce – Car Wash


They Might Be Giants – Alphabet of Nations 

They Might Be Giants – Spare the Rock

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