2022-03-06 playlist & stream

Mar 06

1st set

They Might Be Giants – It’s Spare the Rock


They Might Be Giants – The House at the Top of the Tree

Strawbitty Yops – Watch Me Grow

ID (I Love Schoolhouse Rock So Much)

Jon Langford & Sally Timms – Prettiest Star

Andy Sprouts – Can’t Beat Eatin’ Beets


SaulPaul – Rise (in-studio at KUTX)

[WJFF/JUMP – The Deedle Deedle Dees – Birds of America Don’t Care-Oh

[KUTX – The Nields – The Enemy Called Pants


2nd set

ID/prep to rock

Laurie Anderson – Excellent Birds


They Might Be Giants – Don’t Spare the Rock 


Frank Turner – The Zeitbeast (new)

CandyBand – Ken Lost His Head

Soul Coughing – Super Bon Bon

Parker Woodland – The World’s On Fire (And We Still Fall In Love)

ID (I Love Schoolhouse Rock So Much)

3rd set

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires – Whitewash

University of Ghana Postal Workers – Canceling Stamps

Nur-D – Still Here


Pierce Freelon – Daddy Daughter Day

Sounds of Blackness – Hold On (Change is Coming)


They Might Be Giants – I Am Not Your Broom

They Might Be Giants – Spare the Rock

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