2022-02-13 playlist & stream

Feb 13

This week, we’ll celebrate Black History Month with Grammy nominee Rissi Palmer guest hosting the whole show. She’ll play some of her amazing music, plus songs from Jimmie Allen, Jazzy Ash, Divinity Roxx, Uncle Jumbo, 123 Andres, and many more! 

1st set

They Might Be Giants – It’s Spare the Rock


Rissi Palmer – Best Day Ever

Jim Cosgrove & Rissi Palmer – Dr. King

Uncle Devin – Jump to the Beat


Pierce Freelon & Rissi Palmer – My Body

123 Andres & Rissi Palmer – Cooperation

Fyutch, Snooknuk, & Rissi Palmer – Black Women in History

[WJFF/JUMP – Too Many Zooz – Zombie Party

[KUTX – Alphabet Rockers – Shine

[WFNU – The Magic Jones – Clap Your hands

2nd set


Jazzy Ash – Hop to School

Raii & Whitney – I Love You

Uncle Jumbo – Roly Poly


Shine & the Moonbeams – I Believe

3rd set


Jimmie Allen – My Voice is a Trumpet

Divinity Roxx & Fyutch – Feeling Good

Aaron Nigel Smith & Father Goose – Dance to the Reggae Rhythm

Dan & Claudia Zanes – Long Hot Summer Nights

Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz – You Are My Sunshine


Rissi Palmer – Good Night

They Might Be Giants – Spare the Rock

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