2016-03-06 Playlist & Stream

Mar 02

1st set
They Might Be Giants – It’s Spare the Rock
They Might Be Giants – L M N O
Lloyd Miller – Henry Box Brown
Waco Brothers – Fox
Moonlighters – Makin’ Wickey-Wackey- Down in Waikiki
Polyphonic Spree – Reach for the Sun
Quiet Company – Kindness

[KUTX – Rock and Read Promo
KUTX – Justin Roberts – Polar Bear

[WJFF/KCMJ – Justin Roberts – Polar Bear

2nd set
Matt Heaton – Down By The Bay (new)
ID/prep to Rock
TMBG – Don’t Spare the Rock!
Sugar Free Allstars – Monster Truck (new)
Miss Universe – Our Lips Are Sealed
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band – Thingamajig
Los Lobos – Heigh Ho

[KUTX – MeltdownBoogie Promo
[KUTX – CandyBand – Ode to Joy

[WJFF/KCMJ – Koo Koo Kanga Roo – Lava Tag

3rd set
Ponds & Fleshman – Here Comes the Summer
Lipps, Inc. – Funkytown
Angelique Kidjo – Battu
Sugarcrash Kids – Drums
They Might Be Giants -Put It To The Test
They Might Be Giants – Spare the Rock

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