2016-02-27 Playlist & Stream

Feb 24

1st set
They Might Be Giants – It’s Spare the Rock
They Might Be Giants – Nonagon
Ozomatli – Opposable Thumbs
Jim Cosgrove & Jazzy Ash – Love Comes Back (new)
Mariana Iranzi – Hola Hello
The Gourds – Fossil Contender
Mekons – Oranges & Lemons
ID (sxsw)
The Clash – Lost in the Supermarket

[KUTX – Rock and Read Promo
KUTX – Papa Crow – Daylight in the Swamp

[WJFF/KCMJ – Papa Crow – Daylight in the Swamp

2nd set
Brian Eno – Over Fire Island
Elizabeth Mitchell – Winter’s Come and Gone (in-studio)
ID/prep to Rock
TMBG – Don’t Spare the Rock!
Fastbacks – One of These Things
babe the blue OX – Surfin’ Minnesota
The Good Ms. Padgett – Lollipop Nightmare
Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly – To The Woods
The Not-Its! – Washington DC

[KUTX – MeltdownBoogie Promo

[WJFF/KCMJ – Baby Loves Jazz – Bouncing on the Bed

3rd set
Dr. John – Iko Iko
Sugar Free Allstars – I Can See It Now (new)
Frances England – Explorer of the World (new)
Turkey Andersen – Marco Cannonball Polo (new)
Father Goose – Flying Machine
They Might Be Giants -So Crazy for Books
They Might Be Giants – Spare the Rock

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