2014-11-22 Playlist & Stream

Nov 19

1st set
They Might Be Giants – It’s Spare the Rock
They Might Be Giants – Got Getting Up So Down (new)
Angelique Kidjo – Battu
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke – Armando Armadillo (new)
Sara Hickman – Beautiful Boy (new)
The Pop Ups – Glitter Everywhere (new)
Gustafer Yellowgold – It Suits You (new)
Charlie Hope – From You
[WJFF: The Primate Fiasco – Hokey Pokey]

2nd set
Elizabeth Mitchell – You Are My Flower
ID/prep to rock
They Might Be Giants – Don’t Spare the Rock!
The Not-Its! – Raise Your Hand (new)
Dave and the Boombox – Playful Stuffed Animals (new)
The Hipwaders – Sesame Street Theme
WKRP bumper
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs – And Your Bird Can Sing
The Good Ms. Padgett – Mommy’s Lips

3rd set
Macaroni & Cruise promo
Nick Cope – Another Day for Me (new)
Jayhawks – Smile
Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips – Gratitude (new)
Omar Portuondo – Guantanamera
They Might Be Giants – Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
They Might Be Giants – Spare the Rock

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