2014-06-07 Playlist

Jun 03

Thanks to Walter Martin for letting us play three tracks from his recent CD release show, and to Eric Herman for stopping by! So much good:

Segment 1
TMBG – It’s Spare the Rock
Kid ID
TMBG – E Eats Everything
Walter Martin live – live & exclusive
Joanie Leeds – My Dad (new)

Segment 2
Robbi K & Friends – Favorite Things
ID/prep to rock
TMBG – Don’t Spare the Rock!
Bill & Karlee Goffrier – Grandpaland (new)
Rhythm Child – Everybody is the One
WKRP bumper
Uncle Rock – You Look Good in the Rain

Segment 3
PPS2 promo
Eric Herman interivew
Eric Herman – Can We Buy A New Car (So I Can Have a Balloon) (world premiere)
Lee Alexander – Mockingbird (new)
Nonono – Pumpin Blood (new)
1977 bumper
Mister G – The Bossy E (new)
TMBG – Put It to the Test
TMBG – Spare the Rock

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