2010-10-23 Playlist

Oct 23

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Segment 1
TMBG – It’s Spare the Rock
-Ella ID
TMBG – Mammal
Deedle Deedle Dees – Scared by My Own Costume
Pink Floyd – Fearless
Uncle Rock – Picnic in the Graveyard
Trout Fishing in America – It Must be Halloween

Segment 2
Dan Zanes – Alba Mananera (Nueva York)
Richie Havens – Here Comes the Sun (Best Of)
ID/prep to rock
TMBG – Don’t Spare the Rock
Baze and his Silly Friends – Scare Me Scare You
Candy Band – Fashion Show

Segment 3
Duplex! – That’s How We Make a Sandwich
The Not-Its! – Green Light, Go
Tegan & Sara – Walking with a Ghost
Book Time with Ella (The Great Brain)
Frances England – Free To Be Me
Board of Education – 8 is a Number

Segment 4
ScribbleMonster – Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child
Keller Williams – Car Seat (Kids)
Enzo Garcia – Side of a Mountain Top
Salteens – Count On My Hands (Kid Songs)
Gustafer Yellowgold – Mustard Slugs
Recess Monkey – Busy Bees (Wonderstuff)

Segment 5
Big Bang Boom – I Didn’t Do It & It Wasn’t Me (Songs Your Mom Will Like!)
Dennis Caraher – Chasin’ After Chickens
Fat Freddy’s Drop – The Camel
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo – Never Stop Asking

Segment 6
Justin Roberts – New Haircut
Shins – They’ll Soon Remember
Caspar Babypants – Googly Eyes (This Is Fun!)
ElEmEnOs – The Great Lakes
Mocean Worker – Chick A Boom Boom
TMBG – I Can Add
TMBG – Spare the Rock

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