KidVid Round 1 – Woody Guthrie Region (Seeds 4 & 5)

Mar 13

Update: Congratulations to Princess Katie & Racer Steve with a decisive win!  Come back tomorrow for another set of votes, and head to Zooglobble to keep up on all of the voting.

We are pleased to yet again play host for some of the first-round brackets for Zooglobble’s KidVid Tournament, with voting today and Thursday.   Feel free to comment, but the only official count is the poll at the end of the post.

Today, we’ve got Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s video for “Sand in My Sandwich” up against Mike Park’s “Animal Park.”  Watch ’em both, and then vote!

Princess Katie & Racer Steve – Sand in My Sandwich vs. Mike Park – Animal Park

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  1. Love the princess and her racing guitar player- very unconventional.

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