Red Yarn Extravaganza

Aug 22

We had a metric ton of fun with Red Yarn and Friends last weekend, both at KUTX and at the Scottish Rite (which is an astonishingly great venue).  We’re airing the in-studio on this weekend’s show, but the people who came down to KUTX got some extra songs, and I figured you might want to hear those too.  So you can stream the whole 35-minute performance here:

(If you can’t see a little play button, just click in the black space at the left of the 00:00 at the left end.)

You can watch “Bile Them Cabbage” from the KUTX session here:

And “Bob the Rabbit” from his prior session at our home studio here:


One comment

  1. Diane Barense /

    Just finished watching “Bile Them Cabbage.” Fabulous! Wish I had been there.

    Love you!

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