Zooglobble & Spare the Rock 10×10

Aug 25

Ten years ago this week, Zooglobble launched.  About a year later, this show launched.

We have a remarkably similar background and approach (read this very old conversation for more), and I think we’ve made each other do better work in this wacky little world of family music.  There’s a picture of us standing in front of ACL outhouses over there.

stefanbillSo, anyway, we decided to celebrate our birthdays together.

Starting this week, we’ll be periodically releasing — for free, for a limited time — collaborations among some of our favorite family music acts, done just for this celebration.  And we’re delighted to start off with “When I’m Ten,” written and performed by Recess Monkey and The Not-Its!, who I suppose now count as elder states-people of the Seattle kindie scene.  Listen here:

(It’s gone! It was a limited time only deal.)

Here’s what Jack Forman of Recess Monkey had to say about the song:

The Not-Its and we had a BLAST in my home studio yesterday. The song is called “When I’m Ten,” a bit of a nod to The Not-Its’ song “When I’m Five,” but more purposefully a song about a kid imagining what life will be like when they’re double digits. We laughed about how the first thing that a kid usually does when they turn ten is stop being a fan of our bands (or nine, or eight…) but we’re lucky that you guys still are fans of ours after all of these years.

We premiered the song on this last weekend’s show, and I just love it.

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