Would your child like to sing with Dan Zanes?

Jan 10

I’m very glad to be helping, even a little, with this project of Whole Children.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent e-mail:

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Whole Children Community Choir, a chorus made up of kids with and without disabilities.

The chorus is forming now, with rehearsals starting in February, working up to a concert on Mother’s Day with Dan Zanes!

Rehearsals: Mondays, 5-6:15. p.m. in Hadley. Feb. 1 thru May 3 (there is a possibility of two rehearsals a week as the concert date gets closer). Price: $65. Siblings $55

If you are interested in having your child (ages 8 and up, younger kids with permission from the choir director) be a part of this exciting venture, please email Kim Holden at kim@wholechildren.org, or call Whole Children at 585- 8010. Please feel free to share this flier with other families who might be interested.

We’ll talk a lot more about this as the event approaches, but I’d encourage locals to sign up!

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  1. Thanks Bill! We really appreciate your help and support for this first-of-its-kind enterprise, which we hope will create wonderful new friendships, awareness, and music!

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