The Meltdown: A Look Back

Apr 17

I was going to try to write about the whole day of the Meltdown.  It’s pretty much impossible, especially since I spent much of the day running around maniacally.  So a few thoughts, and then some links:

  • Our best estimate is that at least 3,500 people came through.  Even though it got a little cozy at times, everyone was super friendly, happy, and fun!
  • Everyone seemed to like the addition of the third performance area (the Chill Room).  Storytelling, puppets, cartooning, singing — what’s not to love?
  • Hula hooping rocks.
  • Trombones are awesome.  If you’re thinking about putting a sax solo in a song, replace it with a trombone solo.  It’ll probably be better.
  • Sponsors: You rule.  Yankee Candle, Comcast, WEBS – America’s Yarn Store, Hampshire Gymnastics, River Valley Market — they, and the vendors (who also rule!) are how the event was free.  Thank you.
  • Jarrett Krosoczka is amazing.  He put together an insane lineup of authors and illustrators.
  • Our performers: crazy good.  Thanks to, in order of appearance: Dog on Fleas, Rona Leventhal, Maria Sangiolo, Royal Order of Chords and Keys, Alastair Moock, Tom Knight & Amy Dawn Kotel, Mister G, Mariana Iranzi, Jay Mankita, Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem, Ratboy Jr., Keith Munslow, Uncle Rock & the Playthings, Marcy Gregoire, Flannery Brothers, Laura Daisybee, and the Deedle Deedle Dees (who, as usual, destroyed) (in a good way).  I stand by my assertion that there will not be a better lineup of family music anywhere this year.

Some links:

And I’ve put all of the videos I am aware of from the event into one playlist; watch it here (or go to it here):

If you know of any videos or photos I don’t have up here, let me know!

Finally: Thanks to everyone who came, laughed, danced, ate, drank, bounced, hula hooped, shopped, made a weird wax thing with your hand, or just walked around, mouth agape.  I hope you had a ton of fun, and we’ll see you next year!  (And before then!)

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