Spare the South By Southwest

Feb 22

We have an amazing lineup of shows for you during South by Southwest in Austin next month. For the first time ever, we’ve curated and will be hosting an official showcase.

“But Bill! Does that mean I need a badge and wristband?” you say, weirdly angry.

“No, it doesn’t,” I respond, calming you down with a little typical dad hand gesture. “It’s official but it’s also free and open to the public! How cool is that?”

Okay, don’t know how I ended up doing a whole dialogue thing there.

Anyway, with our good friends at our flagship station KUTX, on Thursday, March 18, from 3 to 7 pm, we’re presenting Rock the Shores at Auditorium Shores (Fun Fun Fun Fest RIP). Evoking the spirit of our Rock the Park series, we’ve got a whole afternoon/early evening of family friendly fun, starting with family acts and transitioning to more grown-up (but still kid-friendly!) stuff.

It’s continuing our string of themed shows, with this year being ska-themed. That’s right, every act will do at least one song from the long ska tradition. Performing: Lucky Diaz, Mega Ran, Smith & Yarn, SaulPaul, Jonny Langford & the Silver Sands Roustabouts, Rosie Flores, and Thao! That’s a wildly great show.

And then on Saturday, March 18, we’re partnering with our friends at Captain Quackenbush’s to present Rock It To Outer Space, featuring Red Yarn, Stacy Gray, Strawbitty Tops, and Andy Sprouts! This is a big ol’ day of activities, from 11 am to 5 pm. Tickets for that party are available at the SoundSpace website!

I can’t wait to be back in Austin for a week of fun, and to see all y’all!

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