Green River Festival is Upon Us!

Jul 15

Saturday and Sunday, folks!  For the full schedule, including the two grown-up stages, see  Here’s the lineup for the Meltdown Camp Stage (there will be demonstrations from New England Circus Arts):


1:30 Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family

2:20 Sweetback Sisters

2:45 Elizabeth Mitchell & Family

3:40 The Nields

4:30 Under the Tree Music

5:00 Primate Fiasco & Puppet Parade

6:30 Deedle Deedle Dees

7:30 Academy Freightshakers

8:20 LuxDeluxe

9:00 IMA Bands: The Feel/TBD/Horrible Appetite


12:00 Flannery Brothers

12:50 Ratboy Jr.

1:40 Mister G

2:30 Joe’s Backyard Band

3:20 Alexandra & the Good Batch

4:10 StarFish

5:00 School for the Dead

5:50 Royal Order of Chords and Keys

Throughout both days, Under the Tree Art will be leading all sorts of great kid-friendly activities — arts, crafts, music, and more!

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