Monte’s Campout for Cancer Connection

Mar 17

Monte, who does the morning show and is Program Director on WRSI, is starting his Campout for Cancer Connection this morning.  He’ll be camping out on the courthouse lawn in downtown Northampton until he raises $20,000.  Also, he hates camping.

Cancer Connection does amazing work supporting people with cancer — and their families — and I wish we’d had it in Fayetteville last summer when my dad was diagnosed and dying.  While we got great services from the local hospice folks, Cancer Connection goes well beyond that.  To learn more about the group, visit their website.

We’ve donated in past years, but since last summer, it’s become even more personally important to us.  Ella and Liam each kicked in $10 this year, and we donated on top of that.

You should too.  Go to and click on “Donate Now.” (And you can click on “Listen Live” to hear the broadcast.)

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