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We’ve had dozens of in-studios over the years, with folks singing songs and taking the vaunted history quiz from Ella.  Here are some of them — more will be added regularly.

Here, though, we’ve got those in-studios for your entertainment (pretty close to updated as of April 2014). They’re alphabetized in that weird way iTunes does it:

Asylum Street Spankers at the Iron Horse 2008

Bob Shea (author) interview

Bazillions – Candy Garden

Bazillions – Favorite Book

Bazillions – Silent E

Ben Rudnick and Friends 2007

Billy Bragg

The Board of Education In-Studio February 2010

Caspar Babypants October 2013

Charlie Hope In-Studio

Dan Zanes In-Studio

Danny Weinkauf in-studio 2014

Danny & Yosi In-Studio 2009

Dennis Caraher In-Studio 2009

Dog on Fleas In-Studio 2008

The Doubleclicks in-studio 2013

Eric Herman – Sun and Moon 2013

Eric Herman – The Best Parts 2013

Erin Ivey in-studio 2013

Frank Turner interview

Gustafer Yellowgold – I’m From the Sun 2007

Gustafer Yellowgold – Your Eel 2007

Jad Fair – Bingo in-studio 2012

Jad Fair – Inky & Winky/John Jacob in-studio 2012

Jad Fair – Old McDonald in-studio 2012

Jad Fair – Red Dress/If You’re Happy And You Know It in-studio 2012

Jellydots in-studio 2013

Koo Koo Kanga Roo interview 2013

Jarrett Krosoczka Interview 2008

Lee Alexander In-Studio 2014

Elizabeth Mitchell In-Studio 2009

Ella Jenkins Interview

Harmonica Pocket In-Studio 2009

Jay Mankita In-Studio

Jellydots in-studio 2013

Jonathan Coulton Ella interview for Popdose

Jonathan Coulton In-studio March 2012

Justin Roberts Interview

Lucky Diaz & Elisha Gaddis interview 2014

Lunch Money In-Studio

Many Hands CD Release Show on Sirius/XM Kids Place Live

Mariana Iranzi In-Studio 2009

Mary Jo Pehl (MST3K) interview 2013

Mil’s Trills in-studio 2013

Mr. Leebot – High Five in-studio 2013

The Mudcakes In-Studio

The Not-Its! full in-studio SXSW 2015 (Vacation, Bring Your Friends, Motorcycle Mom)

Okee Dokee Brothers – Can You Canoe in-studio 2013

Okee Dokee Brothers – Haul Away Joe in-studio 2013

Okee Dokee Brothers – Hillbilly Willie in-studio 2013

Play Date in-studio 2013

Ralph’s World in-studio 2014

The Que Pastas in-studio 2013

Randy Kaplan in-studio

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem In-Studio November 2009

Ratboy Jr. on the Patio 2009

Recess Monkey In-Studio 2008

Recess Monkey In-Studio Summer 2009

Red Yarn in-studio 2013

Royal Order of Chords & Keys – Punk Rock One Sock in-studio

Salim Nourallah in-studio

Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion In-Studio

School for the Dead – Beautiful Day in the Woods (Ayla) in-studio

School for the Dead – Omnivore in-studio

School for the Dead – Periscope in-studio

School for the Dead – Superhero in-studio

Story Laurie In-Studio 2014

The Submarines In-Studio

Sugar Free All-Stars at SXSW 2013

Sugar Free All-Stars – Cornbread 2014

Sugar Free All-Stars w/ Ashley Albert – We Got The Beat 2014

SteveSongs in-studio 2014

They Might Be Giants 2008

They Might Be Giants some other time

They Might Be Giants March 2012

They Might Be Giants 2015

Tim & the Space Cadets In-Studio 2013

Todd Robbins, sideshow performer interview

Tom Knight In-Studio

Trace Beaulieu and Len Peralta October 2010

Trout Fishing in America In-Studio 2013

Uncle Rock Holiday In-Studio (2008?)

Uncle Rock In-Studio January 2009

The Verve Pipe In-Studio