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Mar 05

If you’re a fan on Facebook (and you really should be), you may have seen this already, but just to be sure we get all of you RSS-only folks: We’re moving to Austin, Texas in August.  I’m joining a law firm there as senior counsel (and leaving teaching).  We’ll get to spend a chunk of summers in Minnesota, as the firm is based there.  We’re super sad to be leaving the Valley, but excited about being nearer family both in the South and the Midwest, and about being in the amazing city that is Austin.

I plan to have the radio show continue in one form or another, possibly (probably?) syndicated — meaning you’ll have the opportunity to try to get a station that’s local to you to carry it.  Or maybe we’ll find a station in Austin that wants our weird little show.  But I really don’t know.  We only made the final decision a week ago, and the next steps for the radio show were on the back burner until we knew for sure.  So, there will be more news.

By the time we move, we’ll have been doing the show for seven years — the first year and a half or so on Valley Free Radio, and since then on the River (also still broadcast on VFR).  I would never have expected to be doing this show for anything near that long, but I am utterly thrilled that we have.  And I’m equally thrilled that both kids really want to keep doing it.  So we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that happens.

Thanks to all of you for listening, making music, rocking, emailing, and so on.  You’re the best.

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    We look forward to what you will come up with next!

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