Jarrett Krosoczka’s Triumphant Return

Apr 07

One of the great delights of doing the show has been working with my friend Jarret J. Krosoczka for the last three years producing the Meltdown.  Well, this year, he’s both nominated for and hosting the Children’s Choice Book Awards, the only national award voted on by kids.  So we figured we’d have him on to talk about that, to give a little preview of the next couple of Lunch Lady books, and to talk about his new picture book, due this fall.  And to discuss his planned awards show wardrobe.

You can vote right now, if, y’know, you’re a kid.  Jarrett’s hoping they can break 500,000 votes this year — help him out!

We’ll air the interview a week from Saturday (4/16), but you can listen now:


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