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They Might Be Giants: It’s Spare the Rock

History and what we do:

hydeparkSpare the Rock, Spoil the Child, is a weekly radio show for kids and their grownups, originally originating from Northampton, Massachusetts, now syndicated from its home in Austin, Texas.  We launched on Valley Free Radio in August of 2005.  In February 2008, we started broadcasting on 93.9 The River (101.5 in southern Vermont) and now are on both stations.  As of August 2012, we are based in Austin, Texas, and syndicate the show to any station that wants it.  We also help bring a lot of family entertainment to the Pioneer Valley, including (among a lot of other things) the No Nap Happy Hour series at Flywheel and the NCMC series at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.  They Might Be Giants did our theme song; you can listen to that above.

Spare the Rock is a family production, with Bill Childs and his kids Ella and Liam hosting and producing.  (That’s us over to the right, in our Austin neighborhood.)  Bill also has written about family music for various media outlets (including Valley Kids and Parenting) and co-produces KindieFest, a yearly family music conference.  Bill also co-coordinates the Fids & Kamily Music Awards, an annual consensus poll of the best music for families.  In 2010, Bill founded Spare the Rock Records to release Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti.  In July 2012, the label released Science Fair and Keep Hoping Machine Running.

Each spring, the River presents Meltdown, a free family music and book festival with nearly twenty family musicians and some of the best children’s book authors around.  It draws over 3,500 kids and grownups annually.

What other people say:

Some people have written nice things about us:


Sponsoring Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child is a great way to reach thousands of engaged and creative families, both in the Pioneer Valley and across the country.  Send me a note (show AT sparetherock DOT com) to get details.  Sponsorships typically include advertisements during the show (including in the on-demand streams), plus advertising and promotional mentions on WRSI throughout the week.

I don’t think you should throw rocks at kids:

About the name: no, we are neither encouraging stoning children, nor are we advocating the use of music as punishment.  It’s just a play on words, suggesting that a kid without rock will be spoiled.  I only kind of believe that.


Please contact me at show AT sparetherock DOT com to get my mailing address.

I do other things:

For his day job, Bill’s a lawyer.  He used to be a law professor.