2018-07-15 Playlist & Stream

Jul 15

1st set
They Might Be Giants – It’s Spare the Rock
They Might Be Giants – Idlewild
Raffi – Here Comes the Sun (premiere)
Lunch Money – To Be a Fossil
Elena Moon Park – Sol Nal
Elizabeth Cook & Tim Carroll – I Wish I Had a Million Friends
Kelly Hogan – Senor El Gato
She Waits – Underwater Lunch (life at WMCN)

[KUTX – Kids in a New Groove interview

[WJFF/KCMJ – Ella Jenkins – Chotto Matte Kudasai

2nd set
Scott Keever – Zvala (live at WMCN)
ID (prep to rock)
TMBG – Don’t Spare the Rock!
Vandals – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child
Mary Timony – Clap Your Hands
The Not-Its! – Mosquito Eater

3rd set
Adam Levy – My Identity (live at WMCN)
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band – El Sol Tesega (premiere)
Pianosaurus – Thriftshoppin’
Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey – The Child In You
REM – Fall on Me
Baron Von Rumblebuss – Trampoline
They Might Be Giants – Elephants (feat. Danny Weinkauf)
They Might Be Giants – Spare the Rock

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