Monday, November 23, 2009

Fids & Kamily: My Ballot

So hopefully you've noticed that The Fids & Kamily Awards are up, and congrats to They Might Be Giants for getting voted the best family music release of the last year.

Here's who I voted for, in order:

1. Here Comes Science - TMBG
2. Dizzy - Lunch Money
3. Go Waggaloo - Sarah Lee & Family
4. More More More - Bunny Clogs
5. 26 Animals - Artichoke
6. Panda Brain - Telephone Company
7. Time Machine - Sippy Cups
8. Field Trip - Recess Monkey
9. Worser - Duplex
10. Robot Dance - Mr. Leebot

Some CDs I gave serious consideration to (in alphabetical order):

Baze & His Silly Friends
Ben Rudnick
Billy Kelly
Daddy A Go Go
Good Ms. Padgett
Gustafer Yellowgold
Human Tim + Robot Tim
John & Mark
Laura Doherty
Keith Munslow
Laura Freeman
Robbert Bobbert
Ziggy Marley

and probably some more.

The Pokey Pup has all of the winners on sale, plus basically any other kids' music you could imagine wanting, so go give 'em some money.

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