Friday, October 09, 2009

Here's what you're doing on New Year's Eve

Well, we were kinda thinking we were announcing this on tomorrow's show, but Monte talked about it this morning, so let's go ahead and announce it here too:

We are so glad to be part of this, TMBG's first ever family show in the Pioneer Valley!

They Might Be Giants
Family show!
New Year's Eve!
The Calvin Theatre
$20 in advance, family 4-pack = $60 (general admission)

They Might Be Giants
New Year's Eve!
Thursday, December 31st
The Calvin Theatre
14+ show
$32.50 in advance (general admission up at the front of the floor, reserved for the rest)

Tickets will go on sale to the Iron Horse mailing list on Wednesday, October 14 and to everybody else on Friday, October 16.

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rock, absolutely.


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