Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009-09-26 Playlist

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Segment 1
TMBG - It's Spare the Rock
-Ella ID
TMBG - Electric Car
Ratboy Jr - Playing on the Patio

Segment 2
Ratboy Jr - Playing on the Patio, pt. 2
ID/prep to rock
Justin Roberts - Picture Day (Way Out)
Primal Scream - Movin' On Up

Segment 3
Spoon - Fitted Shirt
Donovan - I Love My Shirt
Uncle Rock - (It's Hot! Don't Touch It!)
Earth Wind & Fire - Sing a Song
Wee Scary Beasties - Monster's Disco

Segment 4
Keith Munslow guest DJ set:
(Doin' The) Boom Boom - Eli Paperboy Reed
Lollipop - Corn Mo
New Year's Eve in a Haunted House - Raymond Scott Orchestra
Brand New Key - Melanie
Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy- Dan Hicks
Spork - Keith Munslow (Homemade Fun)

Segment 5:
Keith Munslow guest DJ set:
Linus & Lucy - Vine Guaraldi Trio
Me and My Arrow - Harry Nilsson
Shuffle Off To Buffalo - The Boswell Sisters
Everybody Eats When They Come To My House - Cab Calloway
Are You Gonna Eat That? - Keith Munslow (Homemade Fun)

Segment 6
Jellydots - Where Is My Package? (Jelly Jukebox)
War - Why Can't We Be Friends?
Dan Zanes - Cape Cod Girls (The Fine Friends Are Here!)
Michelle Shocked - Flying Lesson
TMBG - One Everything


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