Sunday, January 18, 2009

Uncle Rock: Whoo-hoo!

What a fun time we had with Uncle Rock this weekend.

Friday, he came to our monthly neighborhood soup night (we were hosting this month, and Dena made two great soups [potato leek and tortilla, if you're curious]), which was great.

Then he was on the show Saturday, playing three brand-new songs -- you can listen to them over at -- including the best-titled song I've heard this year, "Buddy Holly's Got the Hiccups."

And then he played a packed, and I mean packed show at the Northampton Community Music Center. We had, I'm pretty sure, right around 150 people in that room; happily, they were small people so we fit in well.

You can see pictures over at our Facebook Fan page (and if you were there, feel free to add more), or you can see the pictures and some shaky low-fi video at my MobileMe gallery. (For some reason, I'm having trouble getting the video into iMovie and/or YouTube, but I'm working on that.)

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