Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Updated: Coming March 28: The River's Family Music Meltdown and Book Bash

Updated: We've been adding more acts to the list below, so check it out.

We'll have lots more details and announcements to come, but on Saturday, March 28, from 10 am to 4 pm at the JFK Middle School, we're super excited to be presenting the inaugural River Family Music Meltdown and Book Bash.

We'll have:

• Two stages of music (one more rocking, one mellower)

• Some of the most exciting children's book authors working today

• Story time with River DJs

• Great activities - not just the same old stuff you see at every kids' event; promise

• Local food

• Wonderful local groups and businesses

On the music side, here's just some of who we've got lined up (all subject to change, and there's more to come):

The Nields - local heroes, national following, great new two-disc record

Deedle Deedle Dees - from Brooklyn, longtime friends of Northampton and the show, fantastic historical rock

School for the Dead - more local heroes doing a rare family show

Aric Bieganek - You know him from the Northampton Parents Center; the Gazette calls him the "Jack Black of kids' music," and his shows are great fun

Uncle Rock - Long-time friend of the show, former Fleshtone, rawk.

Marcy Gregoire - newcomer to our happy valley, quickly becoming a big part of the area, including a fun series of shows at Cup & Top

Dennis Caraher - one of the first guests we ever had, and still a favorite with a fun new record

Maria Sangiolo - Happy and smart folk rock for everyone

Laura Cayer - Formerly of the Juice Pops and Pop Rockets, now doing solo stuff, along with shows with Marcy Gregoire

Ratboy Jr. - kids' incarnation of popular roots band Ratboy

And for the authors, we've got:

Anna Alter - Anna's work is reminiscent of a modern day Bread and Jam for Frances. Her work is beautiful! She is the illustrator for the lavishly illustrated chapter book The Purple Ribbon and she is the author/illustrator for Estelle and Lucy and Francine's Day. Her upcoming book (which should be here in time for the festival) is called What Can You Do With an Old Red Shoe? (A Green Activity Book). It's a craft book on recycling and Anna will work with kids at craft table.

Timothy Basil Ering - Tim is the illustrator of the award-winning Tales of Despereaux and the author/illustrator of Frog Belly Rat BoneI and Necks Out for Adventure! He's the biggest kid you'll ever meet.

Jane Yolen - Jane really needs no introduction. Jane has been called the "Hans Christian Andersen of America" by Newsweek and "the Aesop of the 20th century" by the New York Times. She has countless books to her credit -How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight, the immortal Owl Moon.

And then there is our friend Jarrett Krosoczka, who's putting together the book side of the event. Jarrett used to be a goofy kid that liked to draw. Now, he is an award winning published author/illustrator with many books to his credit, including the Punk Farm series and, coming this summer, the graphic novel Lunch Lady. (You can hear our visit to his studio on this show.

How much would you pay for all of this? $20? $30? Nope. It's free, folks. Free!

If you're a business or organization interested in becoming a sponsor of the inaugural Meltdown, get in touch with me (show AT sparetherock DOT com) and I'll get you a sponsorship package. We're hoping to get a ton of folks from the community involved and would love to work with you to get you involved.

How fun!

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At 6:21 PM, Blogger GBK Gwyneth said...

How fun, indeed.

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Jeff - OWTK said...

Wow, very impressive!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger kelli ann said...

Crazy great! Lemme see what we have on the calendar that weekend:: hopefully by then the hockey schedule will have loosened its grip on the weekends!!

At 7:01 PM, Anonymous debinsf said...

This sounds SO totally cool! I'm inspired.

Wonder if I can *possibly* swing two trips east this spring.


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