Monday, January 14, 2008

New column...

I've got a new column up at Little Rock Family, with brief reviews of the new records by They Might Be Giants; Medeski, Martin & Wood; Hawaiian Playground (from Putumayo); Jellydots; and Brady Rymer. (Presumably it'll be up soonish at Minnesota Parent too...)

And in case I didn't link to it before, here is my column with my top ten for 2007. The list is below, but you should go read it too.

1. Freedom in a Box - Deedle Deedle Dees
2. Mommy Says No! -Asylum Street Spankers
3. It's a Big World - Renee & Jeremy
4. Have You Never Been Yellow? - Gustafer Yellowgold
5. Educated Kid - Hipwaders
6. Have You Ever Seen an Owl? - Terrible Twos
7. Alphabet Songs Vol. III - Steve Weeks
8. Calling All Kids - CandyBand
9. Make Your Own Someday - The Jimmies
10. Play - Various Artists

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