Saturday, August 11, 2007

Playlist for 8-11-07

Sunday update: We've returned from a birthday party at a water park in the Catskills and seeing the Deedle Deedle Dees rock the tent (yes, a tent, albeit a tent with stained glass). So now, the archive of Saturday's show is here.

Brr! It's cold here! (Seriously. It's like 55.)

-legal ID (9:00)
They Might Be Giants - It's Spare the Rock
They Might Be Giants - Dr. Worm/Famous Polka Live
Dan Zanes - Catch That Train
Gabby Lala - Backpack (Be Careful What You Wish For...)
Telephone Company - (Panda Brain preview)
Keith Munslow - Accidentally (Accidentally (On Purpose))
PSA (Bike Safety)
-song ID
Ellen & Matt Interview
-Side By Side
-Under Construction
-song ID
Polyphonic Spree - Running Away (Fragile Army)
Jimmies - Bedhead (Make Your Own Someday)
Professor Presley - Find a Cause (History Rocks)
Sippy Cups - Move Your Pants (Electric Storyland)
Apples in Stereo - Energy (New Magnetic Wonder)
Lunch Money - Cookie as Big as My Head (Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child Live at Jalopy)
Dirty Sock Funtime Band - No Good Reason Party (Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child Live at Jalopy)
PSA (Children's Art Museum)
-legal ID (9:01)
ScribbleMonster - Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child
Renee & Jeremy - Three Little Birds (It's a Big World)
-Ella Jenkins interview
Ella Jenkins - Tahboo (Cultural Children's Songs)
ScribbleMonster Live (Sort of) at Kidzapalooza
PSA (Women's Sports Foundation)
Asylum Street Spankers - Sliver (Mommy Says No!)
Mr. David - Jump in the Jumpy House (Jump in the Jumpy House)
Uncle Rock - Polar Bear Over There (Uncle Rock U)
TMBG - Spare the Rock
TMBG - Birdhouse in Your Soul Live (Severe Tire Damage)

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At 7:04 PM, Blogger GBK Gwyneth said...

I was going to give you intil tomorrow morning to post the archive before I started asking ...

That is SOME tent. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.


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