Saturday, August 18, 2007

Keith Munslow at Cup & Top

Well, I cleverly brought the camera to the station, but less cleverly forgot to take any pictures.

Nonetheless, I did bring it, and use it, at Cup & Top:

He drew that robot in about two minutes, while playing "Tequila" on the kazoo:

That's that wicked cool Afro-Peruvian drum thing:

The ever-delightful Helen, who owns Cup & Top, and her son:

And Helen's daughter (on the left) and daughter's friend (on the right), helping tell a story:

Keith's live show is really wonderful. Incredibly engaging, very funny, clever, silly, and almost ludicrously multi-faceted. See him if you get a chance.

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At 11:20 PM, Blogger Keith said...

for the curious...the Afro-Peruvian drum is called a string cajon (a number of percussion companys make 'em) Rock on! -Keith


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