Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Video, Video, Video

While you wait patiently for me to finish editing the Brooklyn show (right now I'm looking at 85+ exams to grade, so it may be a bit), you can enjoy some video.

The first batch is courtesy of Gwyneth:



John Carlin:

Rebecca Frezza:

Dan Schorr:

Randy Kaplan:

And now some from Sienna:

Princess Katie & Racer Steve:

Marty Beller (of TMBG) and members of AudraRox + Josh Levine:

Ernie & Neal:

And finally, one that's not from the Hootenanny at all but is still a bunch of fun - the new Putumayo video from Animal Playground, featuring Asheba (who we'll have in-studio in June, by the way):

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At 11:26 AM, Blogger kelli ann said...

i LOVE audra. "you can't remember what D is for?" it has been in my head for 2 days!!! rock n' roll.


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