Thursday, March 29, 2007

A little bit more of a report...

So finally, a little bit more of a report. I'm in Arkansas and our pictures are on our computer at home, so more pictures will have to wait, except that I'll post some from the nice folks in Lunch Money. (The first two below are ours; the rest are theirs. Thanks to them!)

We had a great time. The whole trip was just a bucket of fun. As I mentioned before, Justin's show at Symphony Space was excellent, the party with some of the Dees and others was relaxing and fun, Toxic Muffin and Tiny Masters rawked the house, and the event...

Wow, how to even start describing the event. Well, "long" is a good start. But such a great feeling. Some people knew each other, lots didn't, everyone was friendly and funny and helpful. And the music was at a minimum good and sometimes absolutely transporting. Amazing how a lot of artists could get all the way to enchanting in the space of just one or two songs.

So, you ask, when will we hear all of this? Good question. I've done a first mix of about a third of the acts, but I have some tweaks to do and may not get anything finalized by this week's show. By early next week, I hope to have a plan for when it will all be aired.

Okay, so, some pictures (click on them for bigger pictures):

Liam focusing very very hard at the Justin Roberts show

Ulysses S. Dee's birthday

Opus Ditty & the Hoedown Gang

Randy Kaplan

Dirty Socks Funtime Band

Dirty Socks Funtime Band

ScribbleJim (whose Life the game-inspired song may be my favorite new song of the night)

Steve Burns & Ella

Steve & Michael

Steve & Michael

Many more to come.

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At 3:37 PM, Blogger MrJeff2000 said...

Have you thought about breaking the "hoot" into two segments and airing them the next time you're off?

Or make it 1/2 hour segments and air it throughout the spring, sort of like a homegrown live set...


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